Al Gores Tries to Snow the U.S. Media Ethics Summit

Gore says media miss climate messageWednesday, 02/28/07

Journalists have leaned toward balance at expense of consensus data, he says

“A 10-year University of California study found that essentially zero percent of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles disagreed that global warming exists, whereas, another study found that 53 percent of mainstream newspaper articles disagreed the global warming premise.”

By BEVERLY KEEL The Tennessean

That is pretty good Global Warming Propaganda. Yes, all scientific data for the past 100 years indicates that there has been about a .6°C increase in Global Average Temperature. This is the sole fact that has a consensus support of almost all scientists. Scientists are not in consensus if the small increase in temperature is natural or is man-made. Scientists are not in consensus if the warming and greening of the Planet is bad or if it will result in prosperity as it did during the Medieval Warm Period.

Most scientists are in consensus that Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth is not representative of the Truth at all.

The definition of a documentary film sure has changed over the years.

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