Entry’s Article List

This listing contains articles in the entry’s Blog. These are topics that interest me. There are crossovers here with various other blogs on this website such as Politics, Science and History
Entry’s Article List

Betting on Bin Laden
Al Gore Lied And Jones & Mann Fried
Al Gores Tries to Snow the U.S. Media Ethics Summit
Asian Hornets in France, Non-Native Species Infestations & Global Warming Wackos
Baby Killer Wacko Vegans Get Life Sentence
BioFuel Sweden
Blogun, Insane news on the Rim
CBS: “It’s the ‘NEWS’, not the ‘TITS’, Moonves!!!”
Congrats to Sarkozy From UK
D.C. and Paris Riots show long-established Western Tradition
Escape The Virginia Tech Shooting with The Shield of Achilles
Ethnic Swedish Cultural Pre-Schools
Fly Nordic – See Drag Queens(Stockholm) from 399SEK
Former President Clinton to be “Ambassador to the World”
Friendship and Booze
Global Warming, Chads and Schmuckville
Hillary in favor of Sucking Out the Brains of Babies
Illegal Bacon…
Interpol Global Manhunt for Child Abuser
IPCC & Spiegel positive developments due to global warming
Iran frees Swedish Spies
Islams’s Starbucks Jihad
Kill Christians
Mohammed Burns at Midsummer Celebrations
Nigerian Email Scams and The Scam Busters
No Intelligence Allowed In Evolution
Nobel News
Obama Devastation
Obama… Change! and it looks like we need to use that change!
PETA Kills Animals
Political T-Shirts – Really Cool and Really Funny
Scandinavian SCI-FI, GAME & Film Convention
Skål ta mej fan!!!
Slowly I turned – stooge break
Sweden sends personell to battle historic Greek Fire
Sweden Tale of Two Somali Cities
Sweden, Second Life, Big Money, Scandel and Bleeding Edge Technology
Sweden: Police Officer Shot – Manhunt
Swedes enjoy ‘The Prophet Mohammad – Al Qaeda Hostage’
Swedish girl bleeds from beaver while dad video tapes
Swedish Tourism Fears Grow as Stockholm Fights For Late Term Abortion
Swedish Woman Face Down In Mud In Pig Sty
Ted Nugent: “Freedom is My Life”
This looks like a good movie…
Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson
What is a BILLION??
Words to live by. Listen and Learn!

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