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The Blogs and Web Sites in this Domain under construction, files and links are being rebuilt and transfered from elsewhere. We would like to say it will be up and running soon but we are in no rush. That day will come. The posts are coming online now. The Style sheets are still being tweaked and are being edited, supporting files are being uploaded and archived to the web site.

This is me, Paul a.k.a. Entry, On this Blog and the www.SwenglishRantings.com site I will be presenting topics I find of interest that I find through my travels in life.
I tend to focus on Current Events, Politics, Science and things I find humorous. My humor may not be your humor. If you do not enjoy what you read, you can go elsewhere.

Comments will be permitted but will be moderated, the user forum will be opened to all viewers shortly eventually.

If you like that warm and fuzzy feeling check out the blog of The Monkey Princess.

The Monkey Princess is my wife and she has been going to town on her blog.

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