CBS: “It’s the ‘NEWS’, not the ‘TITS’, Moonves!!!”

Eventually CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN will wake up and understand that most people have already tuned out or are about to do so. The general public has witnessed the curtain being pulled back. Their own eyes have seen that there is not a great and almighty OZ providing television footage of actual events and news. Instead they recognize they are assaulted daily with foundation less, cheap acerbic Andy Rooney like sound bites.

Long ago the public recognized that like ALL other mainstream media outlets, CBS’s political agenda or 60 minutes & Dan Rathers’ venom saturated opinions were not news but propaganda that should be relegated to the politically correct universities where they can echo through the halls and perhaps whistle through the ears of some placard waving student wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt with out ever breezing across a single brain cell.

The far left of center commentary farted out of the mouths of Madison Avenue flesh mannequins is not news reporting. Fifteen minutes of mindless commercials for the current fad liberal cause or social experiment encapsulated by commercials with bulimic half naked models for perfume, clothes, Soft Drinks, Fast Food and cars is neither informative nor interesting.


CBS blames sexism for bad ratings

By Joshua Chaffin in New York

Published: June 12 2007 22:27 | Last updated: June 12 2007 22:27

Leslie Moonves, CBS chief executive, on Tuesday suggested that sexist attitudes were partly to blame for the faltering performance of Katie Couric, the news anchor he recruited to the network with a $15m annual pay package.

Kill Christians

Where is the outrage?

Daily Commentary  

Daily Commentary – 2007-06-12

True Martyrs: Victims of Radical Islam and Political Correctness For years radical Islamists in the Philippines have been attacking Christians. In late April seven Christians were murdered on the southern Philippine island of Jolo. Mon, 11 Jun 2007 04:00:00 GMT

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Swedish Woman Face Down In Mud In Pig Sty

The Pig Poo Was Too STRONG!!!

-So the story goes something like this. This 23 year old girl was working on a pig farm in Lindesberg. She had to use the toilet in the pig shed. While taking care of business, she started feeling dizzy. She got up from the restroom and walked into the sty area and suddenly passed out and landed face down in the Pig Sty.She was found with a cracked lip and taken to the hospital for an examination. She is absolutely fine now and back at work.Examination of the small toilet area revealed that the sewer trap had dried out allowing the gases from the manure to escape into the toilet area. The gases were of such a quantity that it is believed that the pig manure gases displaced the oxygen in the room and the woman became dizzy from oxygen deprivation and passed out after exiting the confines of the restroom. It was lucky she was able to remove herself from the restroom and escape to an air supply that was not starved of oxygen.-


Standard traps can dry out, allowing sewer gases to enter the building Traps should be designed with automatic primers to prevent entry of gases.

Ludvig Nilsson comment that we have never had this happen here before. He was glad she was OK. She suffered a cracked lip and some embarrassment but nothing else. Looking towards the future they will make sure that the trap does not run dry again by periodically pouring water into the trap to make sure it is both filled and fresh.

The event happened May 15 and has now been reported to Swedish Work Environment Authority that will check sewer gas leak and look into the general safety of the Pig Farm..

A note to home owners: I periodically check the sewer and sink traps in my home as I am often away for long periods of time. Evaporation can happen rapidly and if you do not run water into sinks and drains every once in a while you will have sewer gases leak into the house. While you may not become overcome with the lack of oxygen because a whole pig farms worth of manure gases sucks all the oxygen out of your bathroom, you may occasionally smell a foul odor.

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Swedish Tourism Fears Grow as Stockholm Fights For Late Term Abortion



Stockholm Beauty on Water

Extend your Baltic cruise experience with a pre or post ABORTION stay in the beautiful capital of Sweden.


Plans to launch Sweden’s much celebrated Swedish European Union Abortion Tour Service (SEUAS) are well underway, but Sweden’s Christian Democrats are throwing a monkey wrench into the works.

Currently the abortion limit for abortions in Sweden is 22 weeks. The Cristian Democrats are asking for a review of the current abortion laws and are proposing lowering the limit on abortions to 18 weeks. This proposition has cause violent reactions throughout the Liberal Left Wing infested Swedish Government and even more harshly by Sweden’s Left of Center Media. Lowering the time a woman from a European Union State has to arrive at one of Sweden’s modern abortion facilities to just four and a half months from the more than five months available now is unacceptable.

Cutting a month off of the abortion limit might not allow European women to take advantage of the various travel and tourism packages. With gas prices high and going higher and cutting that extra month of advanced Travel Package Purchases time and Swedish Abortion Tour bargain hunting could reduce the funds available for purchasing Swedish souvenirs or Abortion package extras from the various Swedish Abortion Tour Operators (SATO). A woman might find better value in having her abortion somewhere else. Competition from a woman’s own country is to be considered also. Other countries might offer better Abortion Tourism Packages than Sweden. Eliminating Sweden’s late term abortion offering to Abortion Tourism might simply KILL Swedish Abortion Tourism altogether.


On the medical side, cutting the time down from five to four months to kill a baby might force Sweden’s European Union Abortion Service (SEUAS) , to periodically add more staff during seasonal peak times of year. With more time the Swedish European union Abortion Service could offer various packages that would be attractive throughout the year and greatly reduce the burden of those seasonal abortion rushes. The possibility of using the standard travel practice of double booking as is commonly done with other Scandinavian Travel Packages is sure to be rejected as added liability insurance might not make Sweden’s European Abortion Tourism attractive throughout the European Union. Women being bumped from an overbooked Abortion Tour to Sweden might also have cause to take legal action against Swedish Abortion Tour Operators (SATO), through the EU Courts, not just for the Cost of the Swedish Abortion Tour but also for assessed or perceived damages.

Hillary in favor of Sucking Out the Brains of Babies

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Sweden, Second Life, Big Money, Scandel and Bleeding Edge Technology

There has been talk here in Sweden regarding Sweden’s decision to participate in the Online Game “Second Life” with the installation of a Virtual Embassy. This is a little strange to me that a Country would choose to participate in a Computer Game that is played by Gamers around the world on the Internet. As it turns out the Maldives government has beaten Sweden in opening a Virtual Embassy in Second Life. What is Second Life? Why are newspapers, colleges and governments talking about it so much?

Why would Sweden want to do such a thing?

Second Life is much more advanced then other online games. I mean really more advanced.

It is developed using OpenSource and allows users to participate with additions to their own virtual properties. As I understand it that users can also be granted patents for features that they develop. Users on the other hand can develop virtual online characters to offer prostitution services to other online characters. There are also online communities of Internet gaming gamblers. There are stores that sell products in the real world who actually sell their products in this alternate Universe. It seems that some people can substitute face to face of phone business interaction with this computer game interaction.

On the technical side this Internet Game offers technical people an environment that is utilizing the latest and greatest technologies. This is a place to learn, develop and show off your skills in technology and business savy. There is actually real money that can be made in this virtual game.

Second Life has recently emerged as one of the cutting-edge virtual classrooms for major colleges and universities, including Harvard, Vassar, Pepperdine, University College Dublin, Elon University, Ohio University, Ball State, New York University, Stanford University, Delft University of Technology and AFEKA Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering. Second Life fosters a welcoming atmosphere for administrators to host lectures and projects online, selling more than 100 islands for educational purposes, according to a New York Times article. The article quoted Rebecca Nesson, an instructor at Harvard who brought her Legal Studies class to Second Life in the second half of 2006. “Normally, no matter how good a distance-learning class is, an inherent distance does still exist between you and your students,” she says. “Second Life has really bridged that gap. There is just more unofficial time that we spend together outside of the typical class session.” Joe Sanchez, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin evaluated the use of Second Life in education in an interactive qualitative analysis, finding that once students overcome the technical and interface difficulties with Second Life, they “indicate a preference to social learning activities and find it enjoyable to interact with other avatars while learning in this space”.

Among the more active educators in Second Life are librarians. The Illinois’ Alliance Library System and OPAL have teamed up to extend the programs currently offered online to librarians and library users within Second Life. There are numerous libraries within what is referred to as the Info Islands. A virtual reference desk in SL is staffed by real life volunteer librarians for many hours every week. They also teach workshops there to help librarians and educators learn more about Second Life.

Late in 2006, a trend emerged whereby large consortia purchased several islands comprising an archipelago of education-focused land. The land is then subdivided into smaller parcels and rented to colleges, universities, and educational projects. Typically, land is rented for as little as $200 per year and comes with permission to use some common space for larger events. Two prime examples are the Info Islands, which includes EduIsland I and II, and the New Media Consortium‘s NMC Campus which includes many Teaching Islands and a wide range of educational tools, services, and meeting spaces, a museum and library, and a planetarium. The consortial model has allowed for many more institutions to offer participation to students and faculty within a learning-centered environment. As a result, there are now hundreds of colleges and universities experimenting with Second Life.

Sweden as a country that prides itself in being a world leaders in technology may be using Second Life to put Sweden front and center in this Virtual World that may actually become another way for many of us to interact instead of email, chat, SMS or mobile phone. Who knows? A lot of real money is being poured into this technology and many people haven’t the slightest clue as to what “Second Life” is all about.

For me, at the present time I haven’t the interest in participating in this online virtual community and game. My wife, The Monkey Princess, she gets involved with her Sims 2 world, developing her little virtual community, perhaps this Second Life might be something she gets into in the future.

Check out some of the videos below. Read some of the links above. There is a lot more to Second Life then a Online computer game. Regardless of what you or I may think, this is something that many companies and even the governments are stating publicly is BIG.

Introduction to Second Life

Introduction to Second life. Meant as an explanation for people from the business world not as familiar with virtual worlds, or second life.

Second Life

Second Life a Common Occurance

Fun In Second Life

This is more or less a home movie. Several friends and I have in out own way the past few days in Second Life been celebrating Indepenence Day. This is just some shots of our celebrations. Fire Works Fun!

Virtual Suzanne Vega Sings “Tom’s Diner” in Second Life

The singer’s avatar explains how her original acapella version of “Tom’s Diner” became the basis for MP3s, then proceeds to sing it.
More info here:
And here:

Second Life Tutorial – How to manage your inventory

Second Life has had some problems

One problem is that this alternate life has become home to some of life’s less desirable elements.

In the video below, the Germans are launching an investigation into elements within user groups that are promoting pedophilia and child pornography.

Report Mainz – Second Life

Fernsehbeitrag von Report Mainz über Kinderpornografie in Second Life

Maldives opens first virtual embassy on Second Life

May 22 02:19 PM US/Eastern

View larger image
The Maldives on Tuesday became the first country to open an embassy in the virtual reality of web-based Second Life, a fantasy world inhabited by computer-generated residents, the Maldives mission to the United Nations in Geneva said. The Maldives thus pip Sweden to the post; the Scandinavian country had hoped to be first off the block when it opens its own virtual embassy on May 30.The embassy will be located in the “Diplomatic Quarter” of Second Life, and visitors will be able to talk to a virtual diplomat about visas, trade and other issues.An official from the Maldives mission in Geneva will actually create their own ‘avatar’, or computer-generated character, to deal with visitors ‘face-to-face’.”Just like a video game, it will be very interactive,” Marc Limon of the Maldives mission told AFP.Second Life, created by San Francisco technology company Linden Lab, has attracted several real-world companies, including car manufacturers and sports clothing makers, which created 3-D stores.Officials from the Indian Ocean archipelago said a presence on Second Life could boost the Maldives’

Virtual world of ‘Second Life’ is starting to look a lot like Sweden

It’s getting harder than ever to tell where reality stops and Linden Labs‘ “Second Life” begins. After all, just about anything you can do in real life you can now do in pixels, with “Second Life” avatars running around, going shopping, taking in concerts, starting businesses, hooking up romantically and even buying virtual real estate.

Now international bureaucrats want to be part of the fantasy. This week, Sweden announced it will be the first country to open a virtual embassy in the game. Online visitors at the “embassy” can learn how to apply for a visa or read about Ikea’s early days, which the Scandinavian nation hopes will help encourage real-world tourists. No word whether it will be serving virtual meatballs.

With up to 400,000 regular users, known as residents, “Second Life” has become a testing ground for myriad groups. Music acts like Duran Duran and Suzanne Vega played “live” concerts on stages in the game. Professors have used it to illuminate the experience of schizophrenics. Businesses from Wells Fargo to Starwood Hotels to apparel makers have established online stores (some of them taking real money). Several hundred thousand dollars of virtual currency (convertible into the cold hard variety) changes hands daily.


Virtual style? In another life…

By Fiona Harkin

Published: May 23 2007 12:54 | Last updated: May 23 2007 12:54

Second Life – you know, the online virtual world created by US-based company Linden Lab that is officially classed as a game but has evolved into big business, spawning real-life millionaires who have made a killing in virtual real estate – is at tipping point.

No longer the domain of tech-geeks, Second Life is currently inhabited by around 6,035,000 avatars (digital alter egos of players), while Titanic director James Cameron is currently shooting a film called – yes – Avatar, to be closely followed by Battle Angel featuring an entirely computer-generated female lead. The currency of Second Life, the Linden dollar, is fully convertible to US dollars, and real-world businesses are vying for a virtual presence – especially fashion businesses. After all, think of all those perfect-bodied avatars to dress.

Rolling out the virtual red carpet

Ansche_chung_neverdie Virtual worlds are to get their own Oscars and two of the richest and best known in-world characters are behind the new Virtual Academy.

Ansche Chung, a real-estate developer in Second Life, and NeverDie, a nightclub owner in the Entropia Universe, announced the academy on Tuesday and said its first award nominations

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Nigerian Email Scams and The Scam Busters

This was just too good not to post.

Turning the tables on Nigeria’s e-mail conmen

By Dan Damon
BBC, London

Mike is a “scambaiter,” dedicated to fighting back against those who send out the notorious 419 e-mails, promising untold wealth to anyone gullible or naive enough to disclose their bank details. Mike asked us not to use his full name because he’s dealing with some heavy cross-border criminals.

Briefcase full of dollars

Those who fall for the 419 cons are hoping for millions

His group of volunteers at use their computer skills to fool the scammers, to disrupt their crimes, and to have some fun at the scammer’s expense.

Every day, millions of people get e-mails like this:

    Dear Sir/ Madam, I am fine today and how are you? I hope this letter will find you in the best of health. I am Prince Joe Eboh, the Chairman of the “Contract Award Committee”, of the “Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)”, a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

    NDDC was set up by the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha who died on 18th June 1998, to manage the excess revenue accruing from the sales of Petroleum and its allied products as a domestic increase in the petroleum products to develop the communities in the Niger Delta Oil producing areas. The estimated annual revenue for 1999 was $45 Billion US Dollars…

And of course, if you were only willing to help the writer siphon some of it off, a few of those many millions could be yours.

Police estimate that every year, US citizens alone are conned out of some $200m.

Painted breast

Mike told me how he baited the writer of the e-mail above, Prince Joe Eboh.

“I’m sure he’s not a prince at all,” Mike says. “He contacted me with a standard 419 scam.

I have been troubled recently after the death of a dear friend of mine, Minnie Mowse

‘Father Hector Barnett’

“I tried to turn it round by saying I worked for a church and we couldn’t do any business with people who are not of our faith.”

Mike sent a response in the name of Father Hector Barnett of the Church of the Painted Breast.

    Dear Sir, I would dearly love to help you. If you ever decide to join our faith then of course I could help you both with my experience and financial support. I wish you well in your endeavour my brother.

    Yours, Father Hector Barnett

“Now I knew the guy would write back and say: ‘Well, can I join your faith?’ and indeed he did,” says Mike.

    Dear Father Hector, If joining your faith is what it takes to help me of course, I am ready to join you. I’m from a good Christian family. I will do anything you want me to do in the faith. Don’t forget that I have to transfer the money to your account as urgently as possible. Send me your account details. I hope to read your mail soon.

    Prince Joe Eboh


    Dear Joe, Our ministry was founded in 1774 by a wonderful lady by the name of Betsy Carrington. She spent many of her first preaching years in Kenya, spreading the holy gospel amongst the local people there. She was the first person male or female to promote Christian texts and beliefs to the Masai warrior tribe.

    Mike's faked picture

    The Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast ‘initiation ceremony’

    The most famous account is when as a test she had to remove the top part of her clothes and paint the top half of her body and breast with the red Masai war-paint as a gesture of faith and belief to them so that they would accept her and trust her. She was almost immediately accepted by them and was one of the most trusted westerners known at that time.

    As a qualification to enter the Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast, all followers must go through the initiation procedure that Miss Carrington made so famous. I have attached a photograph of four of our young inductees going through the procedure.

    Please use this picture to enable you to make the same marking on yourself. I have also attached a small picture showing the design in more detail. I look forward to welcoming you into our membership my brother.

    Father Hector Barnett Financial Development – Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast.

‘Processing fees’

Using image software, Mike made up an “initiation” picture. And Prince Joe duly carried out the induction and e-mailed back a photo of himself in the properly sanctified state.

    Dear Brother Hector, I want to thank the Almighty God himself for the opportunity I have to be a member of this great church The Holy Church Of The Painted Breast. I’m looking forward to establishing a branch of the Church here. But I’ll like us to finish everything about the business proposal, which I sent to you earlier…

Prince Joe Eboh's picture

The picture sent by Prince Joe Eboh

“He then tried to hit me for $18,000 for processing fees for transferring millions,” Mike says.

He wrote back as Father Hector, saying that the church had plenty of money, but there was a withdrawal fee of $80.

“I persuaded him to send me the $80, which he did, inside a birthday card, by courier,” Mike says.

However, former Scotland Yard fraud officer Tom Craig says that it is unprecedented for the 419 con artists to part with any money – he suggests the notes may have been forged.

Mike says that any money they get from these reverse stings to a children’s charity in the north of England.

Exporting snow

Father Hector of the Church of the Painted Breast then entered a troubling period of religious uncertainty.

    Dear Joe,This is your good friend Hector Barnett. Please do not be alarmed that I am contacting you from a different e-mail address. I will explain what has happened.

    The guy obviously thought he was going to get $18,000 so easily, he was blinded by his own greed


    I have been troubled recently after the death of a dear friend of mine, Minnie Mowse. She was a very, very dear friend indeed, and her death affected me greatly and started to make me question my faith. I have decided to leave the church and join a travelling circus.

    I have already made two very good friends, and tomorrow I will be starting my circus training with them…

Prince Joe then began receiving e-mails from another “Reverend” of the Church of the Painted Breast worried about the disappearance of Father Hector and $18,000 from church funds.

Joe already knew from Hector’s increasingly eccentric e-mails that he had put the money into a business exporting snow to Siberia.

Lottery winnings

Despite that, Prince Joe still hasn’t given up, even though he’s $80 down. The e-mail exchange between the probably fake prince and the obviously fake church continues.

At the same time, the scambaiters are running several other such stings.

I asked Mike why these people who are themselves scammers can’t spot an obvious scam.

“I think it operates in much the same way as it does with real victims. Greed clouds their judgement. The guy obviously thought he was going to get $18,000 so easily, he was blinded by his own greed.

“Which is what happens to those who fall for the 419 scams; they just see all these millions.”

This would all be funny if it wasn’t for the millions of dollars being stolen and probably put into drugs or other criminal activities.

Mike and his friends send all their e-mail exchanges to the police in the UK, Nigeria and to the FBI – he says they’ve had no response. And even warning the victims does no good. Most of them don’t want to believe they’re being scammed.

The latest e-mail scam concerns lottery winnings you didn’t know you had.

If you’re tempted, just remember Prince Joe who’s still sending e-mails saying he’s sticking to his promise and saying the daily prayer: “When all above seems a great test, Get on down with the Holy Red Breast.”

    Dear Father,When I said the prayer this morning, something like a fountain went down my system making me to feel strong & happy. I have spent money to process all the necessary documents for the transfer of this fund. What remains now is the registration of your name as the contractor who executed the contract.

    Yours, Joe.

Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I am so very happy. I just did a query and I found out that One of my favorite Historians had corresponded with one of my childhood favorite philosophers!

By all means join me in this reading voyage…

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882

I Love Reading, and Emerson and Tomas Carlyle together…

This is great!!!!

 Hej Då, Jag Kommer att Vara Borta ett BraTag Nu

Det GÃ¥r Bra Nu!!!

Baby Killer Wacko Vegans Get Life Sentence

Vegans Sentenced for Starving Their Baby
May 9 01:13 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA (AP) – A vegan couple were sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for the death of their malnourished 6-week-old baby boy, who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice. Superior Court Judge L.A. McConnell imposed the mandatory sentences on Jade Sanders, 27, and Lamont Thomas, 31. Their son, Crown Shakur, weighed just 3 1/2 pounds when he died of starvation on April 25, 2004.The couple were found guilty May 2 of malice murder, felony murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty to children. A jury deliberated about seven hours before returning the guilty verdicts.Defense lawyers said the first-time parents did the best they could while adhering to the lifestyle of vegans, who typically use no animal products. They said Sanders and Thomas did not realize the baby, who was born at home, was in danger until minutes before he died.But prosecutors said the couple intentionally neglected their child and refused to take him to the doctor even as the baby’s body wasted away.

“No matter how many times they want to say, ‘We’re vegans, we’re vegetarians,’ that’s not the issue in this case,” said prosecutor Chuck Boring. “The child died because he was not fed. Period.”

Although the life sentences were automatic, Sanders and Thomas begged for leniency before sentencing. Sanders urged the judge to look past his “perception” of the couple.

“I loved my son—and I did not starve him,” she said.

When the judge told the defendants they could ask for a new trial, Thomas hung his head low.

“I’m dying every day in there,” he said, “and that could take three years.”
Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Fly Nordic – See Drag Queens(Stockholm) from 399SEK

Today the Swedish newspapers GÖTEBORGS-POSTEN, EXPRESSEN, Resumé and the electronic newspaper TheLocal reported that a Stockholm man living in the northern Swedish town of Östersund was offended by a local Nordic Airline advertisement that referred to Stockholm as being “Fjollträsk” which means something like “Mire of Queens”.


The Stockholm man took his complaint to the Red Cross which handles complaints of discrimination in that area of the country and forwarded the complaint to Swedish Regulators.

It is not hard to see how people associate Stockholm with “Fjollträsk” (A mire of Queens). Television advertisements are constantly projecting this humorous effeminate image of men from Stockholm. PressbyrÃ¥n, which is a chain of kiosks that sell newspapers, hot dogs, candy, cigarettes, soda etc., has a long running commercial that is repeated over and over, showing a middle aged man with a very styled hairdo, fashionable clothes and glasses, a silk scarf around his neck and a little purse with a strap around his one wrist, coming into the kiosk and discovering the “one cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun” promotion, getting all excited in a feminine kind of way, exclaiming “oh my GOD, that’s SO retro” in a distinct Stockholm accent. And there is also the Synsam optician advertisement, Synsam has a sales drive where you buy two pairs of glasses and pay for one. We see a man in an elevator, surrounded by other people that all are giggling and looking at him. He discovers that he is wearing women’s glasses, and reaches for his briefcase, opens it, rummages through women’s high heel shoes and feather boas and gets out a pair of men’s glasses that he puts on instead. The speaker voice has a distinct Stockholm accent.

Not very masculine…

In music last year, Finland was proud that Lordi, won the Eurovision Song Contest. Lordi has great heavy Metal Music and a winning image. Here is a great little snippet about Finland’s Lordi: Source


LORDI are:Lordi – vocals, programming

Amen – guitars, backing vocals

Kalma – bass, backing vocals

Kita – drums, backing vocals

Enary – keyboards, backing vocals

What would happen if our favorite horror film characters Freddie Kruger, Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason (Friday 13th) took a break from their hectic killing spree’s, put down their weapons of murder, had a few beers and picked up musical instruments?

Answer = LORDI

Lordi are the new crazies on the block, looking as if they have escaped from the cast of an Evil Dead movie and sounding like a cross between KISS and Rob Zombie – this is the most fun you can have without incurring a lengthy sentence in prison. Lordi hail from Finland, Lapland Finland in fact, The home of Father Christmas who is rumored to have moved since Lordi set up shop!

Lordi’s performance, complete with Finnish commentators – “Hyvää Suomi”, “Well done, Finland”!!!

Sweden on the other hand via Stockholm is sending the Gender Bending Glam Rock Band “The Ark” to the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend in Helsinki, Finland.


Sweden is all pumped up for “The Ark” to win the Eurovision contest this year. They are listed by bookmakers across Europe as one of the favorites.

We living in Sweden have been unable to escape “The Ark”. The Ark has been running in a short commercial featuring their popular song “The Worrying Kind” for the Swedish Clothing store MQ, “Man & Quinny” which translated by many of us means Man & Queen clothes store.

The commercial is shown below:

So why are people from Stockholm offended by the stereotype?

Well… Probably because there are many people in Stockholm who do not fit the mold and image that Stockholm has delicately sculpted for itself.

Hey, we might not particularly like the candy music of “The Ark” but be darn sure we all hope the ARK WINS The EUROVISION SONG CONTEST this year! Heja Sverige!!!

There is another show The Monkey Princess and I really enjoy here in Sweden that is out of Stockholm. It is the “Rocky och Drago” with Peter Siepen och Tilde Fröling .

PeterTilde Peter and Tilde travel the world and do different activities and each demonstrate their unique personalities. Peter dresses a little differently then most. His unique style could be described as a costume. Outside of Stockholm he raises quite a few eyebrows, he probably raises eyebrows with his clothing style in Stockholm also. Peter and Tilde are great, and we watch every episode of their show and look forward to the upcoming fourth season.


Peter’s style I would describe as an exaggerated caricature of the “Fjollträsk” ‘Mire of Queens’ Stockholm stereotype.

In this video clip, Rocky and Drago are in Texas and visits TXRD for some rollerderby action – notice how compared to the “roller girls” Peter is VERY toned down in his choice of clothing!

The Red Cross says “The word Fjollträsk is used in a very insulting way here in Jämtland. There’s always a negative focus on Stockholm in Norrland and here is a big company using this negative term,” the Red Cross’s Anna Ebenmark told one of the Swedish Newspapers. ‘Fjolla’ (‘queen’) also sounds negative, but this case isn’t so much about homophobia as it is about negative attitudes towards Stockholm,” she said. Sara Gustafsson, director of marketing for Fly Nordic, told news agency TT that the advert was not intended to harm anyone. I come from northern Sweden myself, and for me ‘Fjollträsk’ is a light-hearted term for Stockholm. We wanted people to laugh at the advert,” she said.

nEXPRESSEN, A Stockholm newspaper distributed as an evening paper all over Sweden had a Poll Question. Click For EXPRESSEN “Fjollträsk” Reader PollBelow are the first few responses listed at the time we pulled them and translated them into English:

Should Stockholm be allowed to be referred to as “Fjollträsk”?

The people that call themselves “Stockholmers” are mostly just “farmers” that have been living in the city for a few months and “talk” with a Stockholm accent, in other words sissies.

Why not. The people in Fjollträsk usually claim that other people aren’t as smart as they are. So then it would be absolutely OK to call the 08 area code region Fjollträsk.

Fjollträsk, not that one too! Says a trucker from Stockholm. When I meet colleagues they say that people in the south calls us 99’s. 99’s? Yes, because we aren’t exactly 100 %. Not sure Fjollträsk might be good anyways!

Haha, Fjollträsk IS a suitable name for that city on the backside of Sweden! Haha!

Of course you can call Stockholm “Fjollträsk”. What are they going to do about it? Hit us with their purses, or what…?

D.C. and Paris Riots show long-established Western Tradition

As predicted, or more accurately, threatened by Ségolène Royal, there is violence in the wake of Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory in the French presidential election. The riot and mayhem in the streets of Paris recalls past acts of destruction and outrage at the hands of losing partisans: from the 1996 brawls in Washington, DC, by Dole supporters; to the destructive spree of angry Tories in the City of London in 1997; to the recent smashing of shop-windows by Republicans on 8 November 2006; and yes, to the violence visited upon the hapless City of Light by RPR youth in the aftermath of Mitterand’s 1988 victory in France. The present wreckage on French streets — see an excellent series of photos here — is therefore of a piece with long-established Western tradition.