Sweden sends personell to battle historic Greek Fire

Sweden Radio reported on Monday that Greece was battling the worst fires to hit the country in 150 years. Greece has sent a plea to all of it’s European neighbors for help in battling the fires that have taken more then 60 lives.

In response Swedish Radio reports that Sweden has dispatched personnel to aide the fire ravaged EU nation of Greece.

I have not read any reports indicating that either of the TWO Swedish Guys(no joke) have arrived yet in Greece, to turn the battle against the historic and deadly fire around.

“Swedish Aid to Fight Greek Fire”

The Swedish helicopter if it is like the many fire fighting equipped helicopters that the Greeks use during every fire season in Greece will help.

A company of “smoke jumpers” or an army unit, would have been my thought. Many countries have seasonal forest fires and have a lot of experience in dealing with them, Greece is one of them. Maybe forest fires in Sweden are reported in a different section of the newspaper then I read. I guess if you are a country like Sweden that has 10s of 1000s of ‘experts’, sending two of them to advise is another option. It is just so amusing in a twisted way that in the spirit of pompousness, a country like Sweden that has a yearly average of less then 1/10th of the forest fires by hectares then Greece, sends it’s “two experts” instead of a company of firefighters during such a tragedy.

Regardless, the Greeks will be happy that two “Swede Experts” will be arriving to advise them.

I am sure in the next few days they will begin discussing possible dates and times to begin talks as to when a summit can be held to consider addressing the Greek fires. Here in Sweden we have both heard about this noble Swedish effort on the radio and have read about it in the newspapers. We are all sure that you and everyone else in Greece will be impressed and grateful for the two Swedish experts.