Swedish girl bleeds from beaver while dad video tapes

“Published: 5 May 08 06:39 CET – Online: http://www.thelocal.se/11544/

A four-year-old girl has been attacked and bitten by a beaver near Östersund in northern Sweden. The incident took place after the girl and her father went out for a walk near their home in the village of Ã…s. They spotted the beaver at the side of the road and the girl decided it would be fun to pet the animal, newspaper Östersunds-Posten reports. But the beaver had other ideas and quickly lunged at the girl. The attack was filmed by the girl’s father, Marcus Handler, who was standing ten metres away. “What I was seeing through the camera seemed unreal. I just screamed ‘no, no’ and rushed towards Matilda.

Then the beaver started attacking me instead but I managed to jump out of the way and grab hold of Matilda,” he told the Östersunds-Posten newspaper. With his daughter bleeding profusely from one of her wrists and one of her thighs, Handler flagged down a passing car and had the girl taken to a nearby clinic for treatment. A week has now passed since Matilda’s unexpectedly violent brush with the animal kingdom and the girl is eager to speak about her trauma. “It jumped on me and started biting. I was bleeding a lot. It was silly,” she said. Asked what she would do if she ever bumped into the beaver again, Matilda said she would “sword it with a sword”. Maano Aunaduu, a local zoologist, believes the animal felt threatened by the four-year-old. “It did exactly what a dog would have done in a tight situation,” he said, adding that it was never advisable to pet a wild animal. He did however concede that Matilda’s experience was rare. “It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone being bitten by a beaver,” he said.


TT/The Local http://www.thelocal.se/11544/20080505/

Swedes enjoy ‘The Prophet Mohammad – Al Qaeda Hostage’

A comedy sketch entitled ‘The Prophet Mohammad: The Al Qaeda Hostage Years‘ by an Irish comedian has proved a hit among Swedes on YouTube and iTunes The controversial show, depicting The Prophet Mohammad as a prisoner at an Al Qaeda camp in Pakistan, has become something of a cult hit in Sweden and is currently in the top ten of downloaded comedy shows on iTunes .

The live version of ‘The Prophet Mohammad: The Al Qaeda Hostage Years‘ has already proved a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Producer/performer has also performed the show in Pakistan under a state of emergency.

The show’ author attributes it”s success to its irreverent take on an important subject.

The original article advertising where ‘The Prophet Mohammad: The Al Qaeda Hostage Years‘ can be easily viewed at several locations on the Internet for your convince can be found at TheLocal.se, Sweden’s News in English here .

Note: Names & Places were changed in some instances to protect the innocent.

Sweden: Police Officer Shot – Manhunt

Police officers shot at in Malmö

A major police operation has started in Malmö to try to track down several people who shot at police officers in the city on Friday night.

Police officers shot at in Malmö

Published: 4th August 2007 10:23 CET
Online: http://www.thelocal.se/8094/

A major police operation has started in Malmö to try to track down several people who shot at police officers in the city on Friday night.

The two plain-clothes police officers were waiting in a traffic queue in their car at 2am on Saturday when they noticed shots being fired at a road sign near the corner of Amiralsgatan and Drottninggatan.

“One of the police officers stepped out of the car and identified himself. The other officer followed. As the second officer stepped out of the car they were shot at,” said police spokesman Sofie Österheim.

So the search is on.

The Swedish Police are searching for several suspects and a silver BMW of some make, model and year.

Has anybody here seen the suspects or the silver BMW?

Police operations and the reporting of crime in Sweden seems to be a bit sketchy to me…


Sweden: Cop Shooting Manhunt – Update

Swedish Woman Face Down In Mud In Pig Sty

The Pig Poo Was Too STRONG!!!

-So the story goes something like this. This 23 year old girl was working on a pig farm in Lindesberg. She had to use the toilet in the pig shed. While taking care of business, she started feeling dizzy. She got up from the restroom and walked into the sty area and suddenly passed out and landed face down in the Pig Sty.She was found with a cracked lip and taken to the hospital for an examination. She is absolutely fine now and back at work.Examination of the small toilet area revealed that the sewer trap had dried out allowing the gases from the manure to escape into the toilet area. The gases were of such a quantity that it is believed that the pig manure gases displaced the oxygen in the room and the woman became dizzy from oxygen deprivation and passed out after exiting the confines of the restroom. It was lucky she was able to remove herself from the restroom and escape to an air supply that was not starved of oxygen.-


Standard traps can dry out, allowing sewer gases to enter the building Traps should be designed with automatic primers to prevent entry of gases.

Ludvig Nilsson comment that we have never had this happen here before. He was glad she was OK. She suffered a cracked lip and some embarrassment but nothing else. Looking towards the future they will make sure that the trap does not run dry again by periodically pouring water into the trap to make sure it is both filled and fresh.

The event happened May 15 and has now been reported to Swedish Work Environment Authority that will check sewer gas leak and look into the general safety of the Pig Farm..

A note to home owners: I periodically check the sewer and sink traps in my home as I am often away for long periods of time. Evaporation can happen rapidly and if you do not run water into sinks and drains every once in a while you will have sewer gases leak into the house. While you may not become overcome with the lack of oxygen because a whole pig farms worth of manure gases sucks all the oxygen out of your bathroom, you may occasionally smell a foul odor.

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Sweden, Second Life, Big Money, Scandel and Bleeding Edge Technology

There has been talk here in Sweden regarding Sweden’s decision to participate in the Online Game “Second Life” with the installation of a Virtual Embassy. This is a little strange to me that a Country would choose to participate in a Computer Game that is played by Gamers around the world on the Internet. As it turns out the Maldives government has beaten Sweden in opening a Virtual Embassy in Second Life. What is Second Life? Why are newspapers, colleges and governments talking about it so much?

Why would Sweden want to do such a thing?

Second Life is much more advanced then other online games. I mean really more advanced.

It is developed using OpenSource and allows users to participate with additions to their own virtual properties. As I understand it that users can also be granted patents for features that they develop. Users on the other hand can develop virtual online characters to offer prostitution services to other online characters. There are also online communities of Internet gaming gamblers. There are stores that sell products in the real world who actually sell their products in this alternate Universe. It seems that some people can substitute face to face of phone business interaction with this computer game interaction.

On the technical side this Internet Game offers technical people an environment that is utilizing the latest and greatest technologies. This is a place to learn, develop and show off your skills in technology and business savy. There is actually real money that can be made in this virtual game.

Second Life has recently emerged as one of the cutting-edge virtual classrooms for major colleges and universities, including Harvard, Vassar, Pepperdine, University College Dublin, Elon University, Ohio University, Ball State, New York University, Stanford University, Delft University of Technology and AFEKA Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering. Second Life fosters a welcoming atmosphere for administrators to host lectures and projects online, selling more than 100 islands for educational purposes, according to a New York Times article. The article quoted Rebecca Nesson, an instructor at Harvard who brought her Legal Studies class to Second Life in the second half of 2006. “Normally, no matter how good a distance-learning class is, an inherent distance does still exist between you and your students,” she says. “Second Life has really bridged that gap. There is just more unofficial time that we spend together outside of the typical class session.” Joe Sanchez, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin evaluated the use of Second Life in education in an interactive qualitative analysis, finding that once students overcome the technical and interface difficulties with Second Life, they “indicate a preference to social learning activities and find it enjoyable to interact with other avatars while learning in this space”.

Among the more active educators in Second Life are librarians. The Illinois’ Alliance Library System and OPAL have teamed up to extend the programs currently offered online to librarians and library users within Second Life. There are numerous libraries within what is referred to as the Info Islands. A virtual reference desk in SL is staffed by real life volunteer librarians for many hours every week. They also teach workshops there to help librarians and educators learn more about Second Life.

Late in 2006, a trend emerged whereby large consortia purchased several islands comprising an archipelago of education-focused land. The land is then subdivided into smaller parcels and rented to colleges, universities, and educational projects. Typically, land is rented for as little as $200 per year and comes with permission to use some common space for larger events. Two prime examples are the Info Islands, which includes EduIsland I and II, and the New Media Consortium‘s NMC Campus which includes many Teaching Islands and a wide range of educational tools, services, and meeting spaces, a museum and library, and a planetarium. The consortial model has allowed for many more institutions to offer participation to students and faculty within a learning-centered environment. As a result, there are now hundreds of colleges and universities experimenting with Second Life.

Sweden as a country that prides itself in being a world leaders in technology may be using Second Life to put Sweden front and center in this Virtual World that may actually become another way for many of us to interact instead of email, chat, SMS or mobile phone. Who knows? A lot of real money is being poured into this technology and many people haven’t the slightest clue as to what “Second Life” is all about.

For me, at the present time I haven’t the interest in participating in this online virtual community and game. My wife, The Monkey Princess, she gets involved with her Sims 2 world, developing her little virtual community, perhaps this Second Life might be something she gets into in the future.

Check out some of the videos below. Read some of the links above. There is a lot more to Second Life then a Online computer game. Regardless of what you or I may think, this is something that many companies and even the governments are stating publicly is BIG.


Introduction to Second Life

Introduction to Second life. Meant as an explanation for people from the business world not as familiar with virtual worlds, or second life.



Second Life

Second Life a Common Occurance


Fun In Second Life

This is more or less a home movie. Several friends and I have in out own way the past few days in Second Life been celebrating Indepenence Day. This is just some shots of our celebrations. Fire Works Fun!


Virtual Suzanne Vega Sings “Tom’s Diner” in Second Life

The singer’s avatar explains how her original acapella version of “Tom’s Diner” became the basis for MP3s, then proceeds to sing it.
More info here:

And here:


Second Life Tutorial – How to manage your inventory


Second Life has had some problems

One problem is that this alternate life has become home to some of life’s less desirable elements.

In the video below, the Germans are launching an investigation into elements within user groups that are promoting pedophilia and child pornography.


Report Mainz – Second Life

Fernsehbeitrag von Report Mainz über Kinderpornografie in Second Life

Maldives opens first virtual embassy on Second Life

May 22 02:19 PM US/Eastern

View larger image
The Maldives on Tuesday became the first country to open an embassy in the virtual reality of web-based Second Life, a fantasy world inhabited by computer-generated residents, the Maldives mission to the United Nations in Geneva said. The Maldives thus pip Sweden to the post; the Scandinavian country had hoped to be first off the block when it opens its own virtual embassy on May 30.The embassy will be located in the “Diplomatic Quarter” of Second Life, and visitors will be able to talk to a virtual diplomat about visas, trade and other issues.An official from the Maldives mission in Geneva will actually create their own ‘avatar’, or computer-generated character, to deal with visitors ‘face-to-face’.”Just like a video game, it will be very interactive,” Marc Limon of the Maldives mission told AFP.Second Life, created by San Francisco technology company Linden Lab, has attracted several real-world companies, including car manufacturers and sports clothing makers, which created 3-D stores.Officials from the Indian Ocean archipelago said a presence on Second Life could boost the Maldives’

Virtual world of ‘Second Life’ is starting to look a lot like Sweden

It’s getting harder than ever to tell where reality stops and Linden Labs‘ “Second Life” begins. After all, just about anything you can do in real life you can now do in pixels, with “Second Life” avatars running around, going shopping, taking in concerts, starting businesses, hooking up romantically and even buying virtual real estate.

Now international bureaucrats want to be part of the fantasy. This week, Sweden announced it will be the first country to open a virtual embassy in the game. Online visitors at the “embassy” can learn how to apply for a visa or read about Ikea’s early days, which the Scandinavian nation hopes will help encourage real-world tourists. No word whether it will be serving virtual meatballs.

With up to 400,000 regular users, known as residents, “Second Life” has become a testing ground for myriad groups. Music acts like Duran Duran and Suzanne Vega played “live” concerts on stages in the game. Professors have used it to illuminate the experience of schizophrenics. Businesses from Wells Fargo to Starwood Hotels to apparel makers have established online stores (some of them taking real money). Several hundred thousand dollars of virtual currency (convertible into the cold hard variety) changes hands daily.



Virtual style? In another life…

By Fiona Harkin

Published: May 23 2007 12:54 | Last updated: May 23 2007 12:54

Second Life – you know, the online virtual world created by US-based company Linden Lab that is officially classed as a game but has evolved into big business, spawning real-life millionaires who have made a killing in virtual real estate – is at tipping point.

No longer the domain of tech-geeks, Second Life is currently inhabited by around 6,035,000 avatars (digital alter egos of players), while Titanic director James Cameron is currently shooting a film called – yes – Avatar, to be closely followed by Battle Angel featuring an entirely computer-generated female lead. The currency of Second Life, the Linden dollar, is fully convertible to US dollars, and real-world businesses are vying for a virtual presence – especially fashion businesses. After all, think of all those perfect-bodied avatars to dress.


Rolling out the virtual red carpet

Ansche_chung_neverdie Virtual worlds are to get their own Oscars and two of the richest and best known in-world characters are behind the new Virtual Academy.

Ansche Chung, a real-estate developer in Second Life, and NeverDie, a nightclub owner in the Entropia Universe, announced the academy on Tuesday and said its first award nominations


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Ethnic Swedish Cultural Pre-Schools

It was reported today by Swedish Newspapers that a proposal to build Ethnic Swedish Cultural Schools for Swedish Pre-Schoolers has been developed by the National Democrat party. The goal would be to refocus schools again on education, preserve Swedish Culture and the traditional values of Swedish families. Applications to local councils in Uppsala and Södertälje forthese for these future magnet schools would represent the hope of many to preserve a nation’s eroding national culture and identity.Marc Abramsson, the National Democrat party leader was quoted as saying “It is very important that we can build up a safe and Swedish environment for our children. They can have the best possible start in life by growing up with Swedish culture,” he said.

Persistent Radical Left Wing social experiments and policies have produced a growing social and criminal problem in some Swedish communities. This suffering from the unavoidable problems produced by multiculturalism has hit the education system especially hard. While many see diversity should be celebrated, a society can only function when immigrants are encouraged to integrate. What has been seen here in Sweden and in other countries is that ethnic communities become issolated Islands within their adopted countries. Marc Abramsson recognizes that Sweden resembles eastern Europe under communism, “where they used school to indoctrinate the children.”

The Left Wing politicians and special interest groups focus on special interest groups political agendas and attempt social experiments in Schools. Schools should be left to education. This education should be rich in Swedish history, Culture and values. Mr. Abrahamssons pointed out that politicians use schools to Sweden resembles eastern Europe under communism, “where they used school to indoctrinate the children.” Politicians “promoted homosexuals’ right to adopt”. Why should school children be used to forward political agendas?

Far Left Politics and the indoctrination of children should be left out of the classroom. Mr. Abrahamssons pointed out that Swedish children who are abandoned in multicultural driven schools have a “low self-esteem and lacking an ethnic identity”. “We want to instill children with Swedish values, nationalistic values. We want them to value more things than just earning money, such as honor and respect”

It is to be assumed that the Left Wing with it’s strong hold on the Swedish government and such a heavy political investment in pet projects and politically motivated social experiments will fight Marc Abramsson and the National Democrat Party. Efforts to preserve Swedish Culture, refocusing education on Math, Science, Swedish & World History are seen by the Far Left Swedish Media and the Swedish Left Wing dominated government as counter productive to established political agendas and risk bringing back a sense of National pride to Swedish children.